This awesome app was one of Google’s Best Apps of 2014 in Japan, and with its intuitive interface and simplicity of use, it’s easy to see why!

“Scene” is a handy app that organises your photos for you. You can arrange photos by date, sort them quickly into (unlimited!) albums, add captions in a single click and share albums privately or via your social media. You can even ask friends and family to add their own photos to your albums!

Download “Scene” for free today!


Whether you want to watch the sun rise in seconds, or show your friends the sights of your three-week-long road trip around Iceland in just three minutes, you can do so without losing any detail with this awesome app.

“Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile” creates stabilised time-lapses, no matter how shaky the original video. You can capture the video within the app, or use videos already on your phone, then simply select your speed (from 1x to 32x as fast), and your time-lapse is ready!

“Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile” is so simple to use, and the final video can easily be shared on your favourite social media sites or sent to your friends!

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

If the human eye were a digital camera, it would have a whopping 576 megapixels! Well, this app is a pretty close second…

“Open Camera” is a comprehensive photography app with everything from auto-stabilize and zoom, to exposure compensation and face detection. You can set the timer, lock the orientation and choose where your photos are saved. There’s even optional GPS location tagging, and you can add a date and timestamp!

“Open Camera” also lets you save your photos as small files, includes a widget to automatically take a photo after launching, and you can disable the shutter sound so as not to scare the subject of your photos!

Open Camera

There are more amazing apps than ever these days, so it can be a struggle to find the storage space to put them all. Today’s app won't be a problem though - it's less than 1MB!

“APUS Browser” is a light, speedy and amazingly efficient Internet browser. Its small size doesn’t stop it from having lightning-quick navigational speed alongside numerous features: incognito mode, instant search, night mode with different colours, a download manager, and so much more...

Put aside your ridiculously heavy machinery, and pick up a lighter, more efficient piece of software!

APUS Browser

An Indian student has invented an alarm clock that's a little... sadistic: every time you press the snooze button you get an electric shock! Fortunately, today's app is a little more gentle.

"Turbo Alarm" is an alarm clock that has a variety of ways to wake you up, without you returning to the snooze button every time. Why not be woken by your favorite song, or come out of your slumber slowly with a rising crescendo of sound. You'll find a setting so your phone mimics the sunrise, and there's even the option to make sure the alarm only stops ringing when you turn on your bedroom light.

Another useful little feature is that the app will indicate the weather at the time when you are to wake, in order to suggest how you should dress! Very practical.

Turbo Alarm
∞ Loop

A loop could refer to any of the following: a flexible region in a protein’s secondary structure, a 1999 romantic comedy, a basic roller coaster inversion, one of the structures used to tie knots, or this beautiful app!

“∞ Loop” is a minimalistic puzzle game in which you have to make sure that there are no loose ends. Each section has either a curve, a straight line or a circle, and you have to join these up to make either one or multiple never-ending loops. It seems simple to start with, but it quickly becomes more complex.

The patterns in “∞ Loop” are often symmetrical and intricate. And as this app has no time limit nor leaderboards, it’s all about relaxation and personal satisfaction.

∞ Loop

Did you know that the famous old Nokia ringtone isn’t an original composition? It's from a classical guitar piece by the Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega. I wonder what he’d think about it becoming the first truly recognisable ringtone!

Create your own ringtones, alarms and notifications with “Ringdroid”. Use an already existing audio or music file, or record a new sound with this open-source ringtone editor. Then simply crop the file to find the part you want to use, and bingo, you’re ready to go!

“Ringdroid” has been around for over seven years now, and has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide. It has an easy-to-use interface and simple controls, making it one of my favourite apps!