The barcode was invented in 1952 by two students in the US. Inspired by Morse, they simply replaced dots and dashes with black lines of differing thickness!

The barcode has since taken on many different forms, and "Barcode Generator" allows you to create one in whichever style you like, from QR and Aztec Codes to Code-39, EAN-8 and more. There are 11 types of codes in total for you to choose from.

You can edit them as you wish, make them link to your website, blog or online CV, for example, and then share them with your contacts in an original way. And... it is 100% free!

Barcode Generator

You’re on the phone to your friend, describing directions to your house – “left at the traffic lights, then take a right, no, wait, you go right after the shop”… Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could show and tell at the same time?

Now you can with “Clarisketch”! This handy app lets you create messages through combining speech, drawing and photos. Use it to narrate and illustrate maps to send to your lost friends, take a photo of your washing machine and explain how to use it, or even delegate work tasks. This app is so easy-to-use, and you’ll soon be wondering why you didn’t download it sooner!

Download “Clarisketch” for free today.


Today’s app is perfect for all you bookworms, whether you read a lot or a little! It supports all of the main ebook formats, as well as Word documents and plain text files.

“FBReader” is a free ebook reader that includes a browser and downloader to access different ebook catalogs and stores. You can synchronise your library directly, and customise the fonts, brightness and colour schemes for easy reading (the night reading colour scheme is superb)! There’s even an integrated dictionary!

Download “FBReader” today for free.

FBReader: Favorite Book Reader

American inventor George Washington Carver once said, “education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom”. That being said, today’s app must be a master key!

“Coursera” connects you with courses from the best universities worldwide, including Stanford, Yale and Princeton, letting you learn from the greatest minds around. Choose your topic, subscribe to the class that interests you, and study at your own pace. You can stream or download lecture videos, earn Verified Certificates and even set notifications for upcoming courses. It’s brilliant!

Download “Coursera” for free today.


Benjamin Franklin once said, “for every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned”. So sort yourself out with today’s app, and save yourself some time!

“Simplenote” is a productivity app that lets you note down shopping lists, reminders, quotes and thoughts – basically anything and everything! You can organise each entry through tags and pins, add them to categories and find what you’re looking for instantly with the easy-to-use search feature. You can even sync your notes across all your devices!

Download “Simplenote” for free today.


Thought-provoking. That’s the best way to describe today’s app. ​Filled with the ideas of leaders in education, technology, medicine, business, music, and more,​ it’ll change the way you see our world…

“TED” is an incredible app that gives you access to the entire TED Talks video library, with playlists curated by topic and the option to build your own personal selection. You can bookmark talks to watch later, download them for offline viewing or even just listen to the TED Talks audio. And of course, you can share your favourites with your friends!

Download “TED” for free today.


We’ve all been there. You get to the supermarket, you think “bread, milk, cheese… Oh no, what else was on my list?” and you arrive home with half of your shopping. Well, today’s app has the perfect solution!

“Bring! Shopping List” is a handy app that not only lets you create your shopping list, but also automatically sorts it into categories, lets you check off items you have in your cart, share the list with friends and family and gives you a whole new shopping experience. It lets you sync live, use offline and you can share it with an unlimited number of people!

Download “Bring! Shopping List” for free today.

Bring! Shopping List