Kada Camera

Retouch your photos while you are taking them with the app of the day!

"Kada Camera" is a photo editor with a multitude of options for you to play around with. Add filters (there re over 50) once you've taken it, or even before - the effect can be seen in real-time. The interface is clean and elegant, and the filters will add a real something to your snaps.

"Kada Camera", with paid 50 filters offered for free, drops in price today from £1.99 to £0.

Kada Camera
Drum Pad Machine

Creating a dubstep song usually requires an array of technical equipment, including sequencers, turntables and synthesisers. Today, all you need is your phone…

With “Dubstep Drum Pad Machine” you can make your own tracks in this popular musical style. Create loops that you can then record, taking your pick from the selection of unique samples designed by professionals. It also features a sequencer so you can create your own beats.

“Dubstep Drum Pad Machine” complete with the ad-free version and 24 music samples drops from £4 to £0.

Drum Pad Machine

The cost of travelling not only includes the journey and accommodation, but also the little costs while you're there. Today's app will help you keep track of them all.

"TrabeePocket" calculates the small daily expenses, regardless of the currency. There's no need to do conversions, the app will do them for you. Categorise your expenses to see where you're spending most and get access to detailed statistics for each of them.

"TrabeePocket", with all the pro-features unlocked, drops in price today from £1.11 to £0.


Did you know that in each Pixar film you can find a clue as to what their next movie will be? For example, in Monsters Inc., you can spot a clown fish toy, which became Nemo! And in Finding Nemo you could see a young boy reading an 'Incredibles' comic!

"PandaGuru" is unlike any other app, bringing you original fresh content every day: animals, quotes, recipe of the day, anecdotes, dream destinations, GIFS, science and more. There are loads of categories to explore and share with your friends!

"PandaGuru" is the 100% free app of the day.


Are you stuck in a music rut? Would you love to have someone who really understands your musical taste give you a few new band recommendations? If you're ok with replacing "someone" with "something", then you should check out today's app of the day.

"Bandhook" is a veritable musical encyclopedia: not only can you get up-to-date information on hundreds of bands and artists, including images and song excerpts, but the app will also suggest similar bands based on the ones that you search, automatically making a list for you on the home screen. "Bandhook" also automatically links to Spotify, so that you can build a library of new music to enjoy.

There's something for everyone with "Bandhook", our offer of the day.

Bandhook - Discover new music

The Oxford English Dictionary may well be the most famous for the language, but did you know that a large part of it was written by a man in a psychiatric ward?

Always have a dictionary handy, with "English Dictionary". Get access to over 196,000 definitions of English words via Wiktionary and its variations. It even works offline- you'll only need a connection when the word is not in the current dictionary.

The interface is clean and intuitive, and the "Text-to-Speech" function will read aloud the words so you can work on your pronunciation.

English Dictionary - Offline

The barcode was invented in 1952 by two students in the US. Inspired by Morse, they simply replaced dots and dashes with black lines of differing thickness!

The barcode has since taken on many different forms, and "Barcode Generator" allows you to create one in whichever style you like, from QR and Aztec Codes to Code-39, EAN-8 and more. There are 11 types of codes in total for you to choose from.

You can edit them as you wish, make them link to your website, blog or online CV, for example, and then share them with your contacts in an original way. And... it is 100% free!

Barcode Generator