Christmas is in how many days? And that housewarming party? Oh, and what about the family dinner? Keep on top of all your important upcoming dates with this brilliant app!

“Days--” is an intuitive and easy-to-use app that reminds you of important events, without having to create calendar appointments and other complicated reminders. This app displays the events you’ve entered on your home screen, with the number of days left to go. It’s both efficient and elegant, and super handy!

You can choose the date format, hide past events and even colour code all of the information in “Days--”, bringing beauty to functionality!

Forge of Neon 3D

Become a pro at creating beautiful animated pieces of light art, with the app of the day.

"Forge of Neon" is a relaxing art creation app which enables you to create light-patterns resembling fireworks. Choose the style, colours and shapes and watch as they form into things of fluorescent beauty before your eyes. Once you have created your masterpiece, you can transform it into HD video or GIF.

The ad-free version of "Forge of Neon" drops in price today, from £1.69 to £0.

Forge of Neon 3D

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Back in 1969, only a lucky few got to watch those images on an old CRT TV. Now the discovery of space is in the palm of your hand!

"NASA App" is an absolute classic and not to be missed. With it you can keep one eye on their screens and another on the stars!

"NASA App" is the 100% free App of the day.


Did you know that technically colour doesn’t exist? Colours are created by the way our brain perceives light signals received from the outer world. So it’s basically all in our heads… Oh well, it makes the world a prettier place!

Turn your phone into a prettier place, too, by creating a beautiful coloured background with “Mixt”. This simple yet stylish app helps you to generate a coloured gradient by using two or three colours of your choice, which you can then set as a wallpaper. Simply choose the colours and the app will do the rest!

“Mixt” even tells you which HEX codes you’re using to create your gradient, so that you can easily pick up the same colour again, later!

Mixt - Gradients & Patterns

We’ve come to expect a high level of quality from Adobe apps, and “Adobe Capture CC” doesn’t let us down! This comprehensive design app will help you unleash your creativity…

“Adobe Capture CC” lets you capture, edit and share unique design assets, including brushes, colours, filters and shapes. Extract colour themes from photos, convert what you see into vector graphics, turn graphics into quality brushes and pull colour and light from your favourite moments to create video-enhancing filters.

This design app is compatible with Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC, amongst others, and your in-app library will automatically sync to your Creative Cloud account so that you can access your creations from all compatible apps.

Adobe Capture CC

Meet SAM. He’s a Sustainability Augmentation Model who travels between galaxies. The Chroma civilisation have sent him on a mission to save the abandoned planets and to harness the power of clean energy… Can you help him?

“The Path To Luma” is an adventure puzzle game set in a beautiful geometric universe. There are 20 unique worlds, each with mind-bending puzzles and strange mythical creatures. The soundtrack gives this game an ethereal atmosphere, and the simple single-touch gameplay not only lets you manipulate SAM easily, but also lets you smoothly explore the surroundings.

Lose yourself in “The Path To Luma” as you revitalise civilisations, deploying dynamic clean energy technologies and bringing the abandoned planets back to life.

The Path To Luma

Alexis Lemaire holds the world record for mental arithmetic. He is able to perform the cubed root of a one hundred-figure number in just 13 seconds!

Give your brain a gentle workout, with "CalQ", a maths-based puzzle game. The aim is to combine the numbers in order to get the number displayed. Of course, the further you go, the more difficult it gets!

The ad-free version of "CalQ" drops in price today, from £0.72 to £0.