Washing the dishes in a dishwasher uses less water and electricity than by doing it by hand! You'll have do some serious work in the app of the day though!

"Clean The Dishes" is an addictive and frantic game in which you need to wash as many plates as possible by tapping on the screen. You also need place the plates in the right pile according to their shape, so you must be quick and attentive!

The ad-free version of "Clean The Dishes" drops in price today, from $2.99 to 0 $.

Clean The Dishes
Photo Collage Maker

Become a photo collage pro without the need of Photoshop thanks to the app of the day.

"Photo Collage Maker" features an impressive range of effects so you can create incredible photo montages. Add patterns, frames, stickers, special effects, wallpapers and more. Play around until you're happy with the result, then share it on social networks with your friends!

The ad-free version of "Photo Collage Maker" drops in price today, from $2.99 to 0 $.

Photo Collage Maker
Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire continues to have many new versions released on the App Store, and today's is definitely among the best of them.

"Spider Solitaire ∙" has three game modes, plus card and table customisation options for a one-of-a-kind experience. Relax with this classic and extremely well-crafted card game that that is a truly pleasant way to pass your time.

"Spider Solitaire", with a bonus pack of 7 card designs and 7 table colours, drops in price today from $14.65 to $0.

Spider Solitaire
Solitaire Retro

Get your Windows 98 nostalgia fix whenever the mood strikes with today’s app!

“Solitaire Retro” is the Windows 98 version of the card game we all know and love right on your device. Play draw-1 or draw-3 on the iconic green background, and watch the cards cascade down the screen when you win! And this time, you won’t have to compete with anyone for the desktop computer…

"Solitaire Retro", with a bonus pack of 6 card designs, drops in price today, from $7.32 to $0.

Solitaire Retro

Today’s app will bring your device to life!

“Liven Wallpaper Live” allows you to add stunning effects to your existing screen background. Choose from five particle effects, shift the mood with color filters, and darken the images with beautiful stars at night time. You can add multiple wallpapers to your gallery and configure each of them differently.

“Liven Wallpaper Live” is the 100% free app of the day and as a bonus, enjoy all the effects unlocked and save 2.04.

Wallpaper, theme, background

Retouch your photos while you are taking them with the app of the day!

"Kada Camera" is a photo editor with a multitude of options for you to play around with. Add filters (there re over 50) once you've taken it, or even before - the effect can be seen in real-time. The interface is clean and elegant, and the filters will add a real something to your snaps.

"Kada Camera", with paid 50 filters offered for free, drops in price today from $2.89 to $0.

Kada Camera - Selfie filters

The cost of travelling not only includes the journey and accommodation, but also the little costs while you're there. Today's app will help you keep track of them all.

"TrabeePocket" calculates the small daily expenses, regardless of the currency. There's no need to do conversions, the app will do them for you. Categorise your expenses to see where you're spending most and get access to detailed statistics for each of them.

"TrabeePocket", with all the pro-features unlocked, drops in price today from $2.04 to $0.

Trabee Pocket : Travel Expense