GIF files are an extremely practical format, halfway between a photo and a video. They are without sound, and often very funny.

"Gif Me! Camera" is an app that can turn your videos into GIFs. Make videos of up to 14 seconds which are easily shared due to their relative small size. Embellish your clips with the filters available then share online!

"Gif Me! Camera" is the 100% free app of the day. By downloading today you'll get access the ad-free version for free, instead of paying $1.89.

Gif Me! Camera
Puzzle Spin

Solve puzzles inspired by the famous Rubik's Cube in the app of the day.

"Spin Puzzle" is a game where the goal is to connect dots of the same colour in order to make them disappear. The problem is that they're not necessarily aligned as you think they are. When you rotate one set of 4 dots so they're on the same axis, all of the other dots move place as well. Very tricky!

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Puzzle Spin

Today's app is specialised in black & white effects that will transform your snaps into works of art!

"BlackCam" allows you to see the effect of the filter in real time as you're taking the photo, so you always know how the final image will turn out. There are 30 different types of filter to play with, all of which you can apply either before or after taking the photo.

"BlackCam" is the 100% free app of the day. If you download it in the next 24 hours we'll remove the ads and offer you 5 filters for free, instead of $1.89.

BlackCam - Black&White Camera
Hydro Coach - drink water

At the beginning of 2016 in Australia, a thirsty koala stopped a road cyclist to ask for water. The photo has been shared around the world!

"Hydro Coach" knows how important hydration is, too. The app calculates your daily water requirement and sends regular reminders to ensure you drink. In addition to statistics on your usage, you will also receive tips to help you improve your health and your skin tone!

The ad-free version of "Hydro Coach", plus unlimited stats data, advanced statistics, more widgets and an option to export data, drops in price today, from $5.49 to 0 $.

Hydro Coach - drink water
Drum Set

Travis Barker, the drummer of the US rock band Blink-182, described playing the drums as “therapy”. Try it yourself with today’s app!

Turn your device into a drum kit with “Drum Set”! There are 10 drum pads and cymbals that you can play by tapping your fingers on the pads, and the sound is played simultaneously. Each instrument has its own animations, and you can change the volume for each one separately. You can even record your session and play it back later!

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Drum Set
Amazing Flashlight

Cats can see in the dark. They have a visual field of 200 degrees, which allows them to see eight times better than humans when there's no light!

Since we don't have the same vision as cats, "Amazing Flashlight" can guide you in the dark. As well as the torch function, the app offers lots of different special effects, including a disco strobe. It also has various filters to help you take photos at night, making sure you always get a great picture.

"Amazing Flashlight" is the 100% free app of the day. And if you download it today, you'll get the ad-free pro version for free, instead of paying $0.99!

Amazing Flashlight

Stephen Wiltshire can remember even the smallest detail of an extremely complex image just by giving it one glance. For example, after flying over the city of Rome in a helicopter for 45 minutes, he could reproduce the exact plan of the city, perfectly, in a pen drawing. Really impressive.

"PhotoMap" won't give you the power of extreme memory, but it will enable you to remember the place and date of where you take your photos. Each of your snaps is placed automatically onto an interactive Google map. Now you can view your pictures in an innovative and convenient way. You can annotate and title your pics to remember all the details.

"PhotoMap" is the 100% free app of the day, and if you download it today, we'll unlock two additional colour themes AND remove the ads for you - saving you $2.95!

PhotoMap - Geo Photo Gallery