Geoffrey Parker, a traditional British manufacturer, created the world’s most expensive Backgammon game: it costs $387,890, and is made from gold, diamonds, and white gold…

“Backgammon – Online” is exactly the same game, but it’s totally free! Enjoy this great classic on your smartphone with online features allowing you to square off against players from all over the world.

Today get the ad-free version of “Backgammon – Online”, a $1.39 value, absolutely free.

Backgammon - Online
The First Of Us

According to recent studies, many modern humans have between 1 to 4% Neanderthal DNA. All the easier to relate to the protagonist of our app of the day!

In “The First of Us”, you are a caveman that a wooly mammoth has decided is delicious prey. Jump onto platforms, over rivers, and above all, run for your life!

“The First of Us”, complete with all ads removed and a power-up pack, drops in price from $1.29 to $0.

The First Of Us

Yoga was first developed in India in either the fifth or sixth century BCE, making it over 2500 years old. CrossFit can’t exactly say the same, now, can it?

“YOGA GURU” is, true to its title, your own personal guru right on your device: stream yoga courses developed by a certified instructor for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. Breathe deep, center yourself, and align your chakras for a better you!

“YOGA GURU”, complete with a free unlimited subscription, drops in price today from $32.94 to $0.


Waterspouts, a kind of tornado, have been responsible for many strange things “raining” from the sky: frogs, fish, even golf balls. Not exactly fun, unlike our app of the day…

In “Swipeout,” your task is to swipe the like-colored squares together to clear them off the board as fast as you can. With over 200 levels and varying objectives to accomplish, your reflexes will be put to the test!

“Swipeout”, complete with a bonus premium pack unlocking the story mode, drops in price today from $3.24 to $0.

Swipeout! the best puzzle game

The longest basket ever made was from a distance of 112.5 feet, and the ball was thrown backwards. Now that’s precision!

Put your own precision to the test by playing “Dulp”, a game of skill where you’ll have to launch coloured balls into a wheel which is also coloured and which turns. The goal is to match the colours, but the targets become smaller and the wheel spins faster and faster!

“Dulp” is the 100% free app of the day. And as a special bonus, we’ll remove all the ads, a feature normally priced at $2.99.

Bubble Man: Rolling

American astronaut Scott Kelly proved that in zero gravity, anything is possible: he even played ping-pong with a water bubble!

Play with man-bubbles in “Bubble Man: Rolling”, an addictive platform game where you have to press the screen to make your character bounce up and catch all the hamburgers. They’ll also let you play with characters who are even zanier!

“Bubble Man: Rolling” is the 100% free app of the day. And as a special added bonus, you’ll get the ad-free version plus 1,000 burgers to play with, a savings of $2.68.

Bubble Man: Rolling

Smartphones are great because they’re lightweight and portable, but they have limited storage space. Our app of the day can work around that!

“Air Stream” allows you to access movies, music, and photos from a computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive directly from your device. Just make sure your computer and device are on the same Wifi network, and the contents of your computer will be instantly available on your phone!

“AirStream”, complete with all ads removed and an iTunes import function, drops in price today from $16.57 to $0.

AirStream: Stream PC on mobile