Your goal? To conquer as much territory as possible. It's initially very simple, and the game can be mastered immediately, but watch out: there's competition, and not everyone can win!
Whether you're bold or more careful, you have to be more cunning than your adversaries by finding the best strategy to conquer the most space. But be careful! You have a weak spot: your tail. If an enemy touches it, that's the end for you.
Fog of World

Fog of World drops in price from $4.99 to $0 for today only.

Fog of World

Lottoland has arrived offering Australians the chance to bet not only on the Australian lotteries but on the world’s biggest jackpots anytime, anywhere!

Lottoland – Bet on the World’s Biggest Lotteries

Firetask Legacy Edition (Support Updates) drops in price from $5.99 to $0 for today only.

Firetask Legacy Edition (Support Updates)

Join millions of other players around the world and start your journey from Sara Forest to the High Heaven, leading your band of heroes into ancient ruins to battle the forces of darkness!

Idle Heroes - Idle Games

One body is nobody! Gather your bros and kick the living heck out of tyrannical Autocrat's armadas in a series of breathtaking aerial battles! The enemy outnumbers you, but you're never alone -- the unique co-op mode allows you to join forces with either your bro or a new friend! Shooting never ends.

HAWK – Airplane Shoot 'em up

Horned helmets, bushy beards and swords in hand, the Vikings have arrived, and they're as brutal as ever…

“Vikings: War of Clans” is an epic adventure in which you lead warriors into battle to conquer the world. Choose from mercenaries, horsemen and archers, build an incredible palace, strategize and plunder loot. Are you ready to find glory on the battlefield?

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Vikings: War of Clans