Get overwhelmed by complicated graphs and charts? Do you just want to make sure you don't spend beyond your means without any bells and whistles? "EasyBudget" will make being fiscally responsible hassle-free!

Enter your income and expenses into the app's simple, clean calendar interface for a easily-accessible, easily-consultable record of your budget and spending. "EasyBudget" automatically updates your balance, so you'll always know where you stand financially.

Always stay in the black with EasyBudget, our offer of the day, complete with a bonus premium alert (worth £2.99) if you have forgotten to enter your expenses for the day.

Bubble Man: Rises

Ever heard of bubble football? It's a new sport where all the players are each inside an inflatable ball, and they must try and score before being bounced to the ground by a competitor. It looks like a lot of fun!

And so is "Bubble Man: Rises", a hilarious game where you must make your over-inflated character float up us high as you can. Avoid the traps on the way up by tapping the screen, faster or slower depending on how far you need him to fly. As you play you'll unlock various cool characters and even more whacky levels to play on.

"Bubble Man: Rises" is the offer of the day - and today you'll get the ad-free version, as well as 1,000 Burgers, for free. The regular price of the bonus would be £1.38.

Bubble Man: Rises

Microsoft’s famous version of Solitaire was created in 1989 by… an intern! His name was Wes Cherry and he developed the game during his work experience. What a success!

The creators of today’s version of “Solitaire” are far from being interns, and it’s clear to see in this high quality app. The classic card game (along with its various alternatives) is presented in a smooth and elegant app, with a great playability making for hours of fun.

"Solitaire" is the offer of the day - and as a bonus we're giving you a pack of cards, a playing surface and colours to customise your game. All that would normally cost you £9.99.

Solitaire - Patience Card Game

Sabina Altynbekova is a Kazakh volleyball player who has had some problems because of... her beauty! She's so pretty that the crowd watching her often ends up distracting herself and other players during games!
In "Volleyball Champions 3D", beauty doesn't matter - only talent counts! In this game with stunning 3D graphics, enjoy high-intensity touchscreen gameplay on various terrains. Train your players before each tournament to increase their stats, and challenge your friends online in multiplayer mode.
"Volleyball Champions 3D" is the 100% free app of the day. And as a bonus, you'll get the ad-free version as well as 150 coins, altogether usually worth £0.62.

Volleyball Champions 3D
WarPath 3000 HD

Planes, helicopters, armoured cars, rocket launchers, ships and even destroyers – today’s app has it all, and it’s totally explosive!

“WarPath 3000 HD” is an arcade scroll shooter game, in which you choose from a variety of military vehicles to control as you fight and kill hordes of enemies. Each level is divided into three storylines, and all vehicles can be upgraded, with star bonuses up for grabs, too. It’s designed for both novices and experienced gamers, with hours of gameplay just ready and waiting.

Not only is “WarPath 3000 HD” free today, but if you download it now, we'll give you 50,000 stars (worth 17.45£!) and disable the advertising for you, too!

WarPath 3000 HD

When you film a concert using your phone, if you pop your finger over the microphone, it’ll sound clearer when you play it back! Or alternatively, you could adjust the sound using today’s brilliant app…

“Bass Equalizer Pod Music” lets you adjust the sound effect levels to optimise the music or audio on your device. It has an easy-to-use iPod style music player, 10 equalizer presets, four kinds of spectrum, and even a vinyl playback style. Simply choose your song, set your style and get ready for a revolutionised listening experience. Oh, and did I mention the in-built lyric support? Amazing!

Download “Bass Equalizer Pod Music” for free today, and we’ll give you the ad-free version, saving you £1.47!

Bass Equalizer Pod Music

According to the Yakuza code of honour, if you infringe one of the gang's laws, you must cut off a part of your own little finger. Luckily, you'd still have enough left to use the app of the day!

"Finger Gesture Launcher" enables you to launch your favourite apps by simply drawing a symbol on your screen with your finger. You can use letters or symbols to launch the apps, and it can used for many other things besides, such as making calls, locking your screen, and many more. There's also a widget to make the app easily accessible at any time.

"Finger Gesture Launcher" is the 100% free app of the day. Plus, for today only, you can get the ad-free version for free, instead of paying £3.53.

Finger Gesture Launcher