At the 1910 Salon des Indépendants (annual French art exhibit), the public went absolutely mad for a painting titled “Sunset over the Adriatic”. It turns out the picture was painted by a donkey, a brush having been attached to its tail! It just goes to show that all you really need is a nice frame…

You can be sure the works in “Arts & Culture” are authentic and amazingly beautiful. The teams at Google let you indulge in virtual 360° visits of the world’s biggest museums and admire the thousands of historical works there, each with their own detailed history, and all available within the space of your pocket.

Don’t wait any longer, pick up “Arts & Culture” today to learn more about the works which have marked our world, from the oldest to the most post-modern.

Arts & Culture

You take the first left, second right, go over the roundabout, carry on to the traffic lights, then veer slightly to the left, but take the next right until you cross the bridge, then go right again for 200m and you’re there. Easy!

Or you could always download “HERE Maps”, for an even easier way to navigate. This handy app gives you walking, driving and public transit directions that work even without an internet connection! Search for places and addresses, check your current location, and check out the real time traffic information. Oh, and an added bonus is that you can even look inside of malls and airports thanks to its 3D indoor map feature!

Download “HERE Maps” for free today.

HERE Maps: Offline Navigation

Getting a new phone is nice – the novelty always does us good. But when it comes to importing our data from one device to the other, well that’s a lot less amusing. That is until the arrival of the app of the day.

With “CLONEit”, you can backup 12 different types of data from your smartphone: contacts, messages (SMS, MMS), call logs, applications (and their data), any kind of SD card file (pictures, videos, music), calendar, system settings (Wi-Fi passwords, Internet favourites), etc.

And the best part of all is that it doesn’t require a cable or a computer…everything is done in your smartphone! The procedure is quick, letting you copy your data in no time at all so you can have a backup copy, just in case…


This awesome app was one of Google’s Best Apps of 2014 in Japan, and with its intuitive interface and simplicity of use, it’s easy to see why!

“Scene” is a handy app that organises your photos for you. You can arrange photos by date, sort them quickly into (unlimited!) albums, add captions in a single click and share albums privately or via your social media. You can even ask friends and family to add their own photos to your albums!

Download “Scene” for free today!


Whether you want to watch the sun rise in seconds, or show your friends the sights of your three-week-long road trip around Iceland in just three minutes, you can do so without losing any detail with this awesome app.

“Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile” creates stabilised time-lapses, no matter how shaky the original video. You can capture the video within the app, or use videos already on your phone, then simply select your speed (from 1x to 32x as fast), and your time-lapse is ready!

“Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile” is so simple to use, and the final video can easily be shared on your favourite social media sites or sent to your friends!

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

If the human eye were a digital camera, it would have a whopping 576 megapixels! Well, this app is a pretty close second…

“Open Camera” is a comprehensive photography app with everything from auto-stabilize and zoom, to exposure compensation and face detection. You can set the timer, lock the orientation and choose where your photos are saved. There’s even optional GPS location tagging, and you can add a date and timestamp!

“Open Camera” also lets you save your photos as small files, includes a widget to automatically take a photo after launching, and you can disable the shutter sound so as not to scare the subject of your photos!

Open Camera

There are more amazing apps than ever these days, so it can be a struggle to find the storage space to put them all. Today’s app won't be a problem though - it's less than 1MB!

“APUS Browser” is a light, speedy and amazingly efficient Internet browser. Its small size doesn’t stop it from having lightning-quick navigational speed alongside numerous features: incognito mode, instant search, night mode with different colours, a download manager, and so much more...

Put aside your ridiculously heavy machinery, and pick up a lighter, more efficient piece of software!

APUS Browser