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"City Maps 2Go" is an offline travel guide: no risk of getting a large phone bill when you are travelling abroad. It features guides for destinations all around the world, including highly detailed and downloadable maps, millions of places to visit and summaries of sites and attractions.

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City Maps 2Go Offline Maps
Out of the Void

Hitchbot is a robot which hitchhiked across the entire country of Canada. Some of his chauffeurs were even kind enough to invite him for dinner!

In "Out of the Void", you must guide a robot through futuristic geometric levels. Move through walls, jump and avoid the traps as you try to complete the 35 stages, as well as the ones that you can create yourself on the in-game editor.

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Out of the Void

You can’t get more on top of things than today’s app!

“Callizer” is a reminder app with a simple yet effective feature that sets it apart: at the end of any call, the app will automatically open, so you can enter in any plans or appointments you’ve just made while it’s fresh in your mind.

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Bees can see special ultraviolet colors that are invisible to the human eye, which help them pollinate certain flowers. Convenient!

See how your color vision measures up with “Tap the Tile – Color Master”: just tap the tile that’s a different shade from the rest. It sounds easy, but the farther you progress in the game, the subtler the shade differences get…

“Tap the Tile – Color Master”, complete with all ads removed, drops in price today from €1.99 to €0.

Tap The Tile - Color Master
Jengris Puzzle 3D

The biggest ever game of Tetris was played on the side of a skyscraper! Naturally the game attracted a lot of attention from passers-by...

Today's app "Jengris Puzzle 3D" is a sort of 3D version of Tetris. The aim is to place 3D pieces one by one onto a tower, and once each level is full, it disappears. And just like Tetris, if you reach the top of the screen, it's game over!

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Jengris Puzzle 3D
Amigo Pancho

Sombrero hats are actually extremely practical. Their large size means that they protect not only the head from the hot sun, but also the neck, shoulders and arms - and it even works for the rain!

That's why the hero in "Amigo Pancho" are never without his. Pancho is travelling around the globe by hanging onto two balloons. Your job is easy: help guide him to his destination!

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Amigo Pancho

While accepting his award at French movie ceremony 'the Césars', rather than giving a speech, Johnny Depp pulled out a dictaphone from his pocket and played a pre-recorded message in French!

Whether it's an acceptance speech or just a simple reminder, "Recordr" is the perfect app for you to record all the voice notes that you need. The interface is clean and efficient, resulting in an uncomplicated app that does its job without any fuss.

"Recordr", with all ads removed, new themes, audio and video encoding and Google Drive compatibility, drops today from 2.41€ to 0€.

Recordr - Sound Recorder Pro