Cats can see in the dark. They have a visual field of 200 degrees, which allows them to see eight times better than humans when there's no light!

Since we don't have the same vision as cats, "Amazing Flashlight" can guide you in the dark. As well as the torch function, the app offers lots of different special effects, including a disco strobe. It also has various filters to help you take photos at night, making sure you always get a great picture.

"Amazing Flashlight" is the 100% free app of the day. And if you download it today, you'll get the ad-free pro version for free, instead of paying $0.99!

Amazing Flashlight

Stephen Wiltshire can remember even the smallest detail of an extremely complex image just by giving it one glance. For example, after flying over the city of Rome in a helicopter for 45 minutes, he could reproduce the exact plan of the city, perfectly, in a pen drawing. Really impressive.

"PhotoMap" won't give you the power of extreme memory, but it will enable you to remember the place and date of where you take your photos. Each of your snaps is placed automatically onto an interactive Google map. Now you can view your pictures in an innovative and convenient way. You can annotate and title your pics to remember all the details.

"PhotoMap" is the 100% free app of the day, and if you download it today, we'll unlock two additional colour themes AND remove the ads for you - saving you $2.25!

Sketch Master

The largest pencil drawing in the world is a whopping quarter-mile long – and took the artist, Filemon Trevino, an incredible 6,000 hours and 800 pencils to complete! Bet he wishes he’d known about today’s app…

No need for pencils with “Sketch Master”. This awesome photo editing app lets you choose a photo from your gallery, or take one on your camera, and transform into an authentic artist’s sketch. Choose from cartoon style effects, pencil style cross-hatching effect or even half-tone sketches.

“Sketch Master” also has a built-in effects editor that includes saturation adjustment, filters and drawing. You can also save and share your images easily with this simple-to-use interface!

"Sketch Master" is today's 100% free app of the day, and when you download it today, we'll remove the ads for you, too, saving you $1!

Sketch Master

Take a moment to relax by completing a jigsaw, or even create your own, with the app of the day.

"Jigsaw Puzzle Man Pro" helps you to chill out via the very pleasurable task of jigsaw solving. Choose the number of pieces you want to play with and enjoy the HD image quality as you attempt to piece it back together. You can even upload your own photos or other images for a completely personalised version.

The ad-free version of "Jigsaw Puzzle Man Pro", with additional features unlocked, drops in price today from $1.09 to $0.

Jigsaw Puzzle Man Pro
Remote Mouse

The computer mouse celebrates its 52nd birthday this year. It has evolved tremendously over its lifetime, and today you'll have it in its latest form: the smartphone.

"Remote Mouse" is an app which when connected to your Mac or PC turns your smartphone into a mouse, a keyboard, or even a touchscreen remote control. Extremely useful for browsing your computer from your phone, or when watching a film for example. It even supports voice recognition.

Having installed the complementary software, "Remote Mouse" on your computer is linked to your mobile app via Wi-Fi, meaning you can unlock the landscape keyboard and the ad-free version (normally $3.87).

Remote Mouse
Space Dogs

Taking your dog for a walk around the neighbourhood is so passé. The new trend is to take him into space!

"Space Dogs" is a game that tests your reflexes where must guide your dog from planet to planet. Control him cleverly to collect stars on your way and score the most points. Choose from among twelve different races and take off for the stars!

The ad-free version of "Space Dogs", with 5,000 stars, drops in price today, from $3.32 0 $.

Space Dogs
Photo Collage Maker

Become a photo collage pro without the need of Photoshop thanks to the app of the day.

"Photo Collage Maker" features an impressive range of effects so you can create incredible photo montages. Add patterns, frames, stickers, special effects, wallpapers and more. Play around until you're happy with the result, then share it on social networks with your friends!

The ad-free version of "Photo Collage Maker" drops in price today, from 1.99 € to 0 €.

Photo Collage Maker