An Indian student has invented an alarm clock that's a little... sadistic: every time you press the snooze button you get an electric shock! Fortunately, today's app is a little more gentle.

"Turbo Alarm" is an alarm clock that has a variety of ways to wake you up, without you returning to the snooze button every time. Why not be woken by your favorite song, or come out of your slumber slowly with a rising crescendo of sound. You'll find a setting so your phone mimics the sunrise, and there's even the option to make sure the alarm only stops ringing when you turn on your bedroom light.

Another useful little feature is that the app will indicate the weather at the time when you are to wake, in order to suggest how you should dress! Very practical.

Turbo Alarm
∞ Loop

A loop could refer to any of the following: a flexible region in a protein’s secondary structure, a 1999 romantic comedy, a basic roller coaster inversion, one of the structures used to tie knots, or this beautiful app!

“∞ Loop” is a minimalistic puzzle game in which you have to make sure that there are no loose ends. Each section has either a curve, a straight line or a circle, and you have to join these up to make either one or multiple never-ending loops. It seems simple to start with, but it quickly becomes more complex.

The patterns in “∞ Loop” are often symmetrical and intricate. And as this app has no time limit nor leaderboards, it’s all about relaxation and personal satisfaction.

∞ Loop

Christmas is in how many days? And that housewarming party? Oh, and what about the family dinner? Keep on top of all your important upcoming dates with this brilliant app!

“Days--” is an intuitive and easy-to-use app that reminds you of important events, without having to create calendar appointments and other complicated reminders. This app displays the events you’ve entered on your home screen, with the number of days left to go. It’s both efficient and elegant, and super handy!

You can choose the date format, hide past events and even colour code all of the information in “Days--”, bringing beauty to functionality!


I can see why this app was a nominee at the 2015 International Mobile Game Awards for Best Meaningful Play - it’s a real brainteaser of a game!

“twelve” is a tiny puzzle game based on numbers in a grid that you move around, match and grow. Inspired by the concept of 2048, this app goes that step further as you only need to reach 12 (and the numbers go up by only one each time). It may sound easy, but the grid fills up quickly and you really need to think ahead…

There are four different levels of difficulty in “twelve”, your game saves automatically and you also have an ‘undo’ button. You can share your score with friends, unlock achievements and even hit the leaderboard if you can get a high enough score!


5 million options... That's what the developer of today's app promises. Well, as you can imagine, I was pretty sceptical at first. But when I tested the app, it turned out to be true. Want to know what I am talking about?

These are simply all the things that you can do with the app "Pixlr-o-matic". Retro, grunge, neon, or a completely random selection... This photo app is impressively easy to use. And that's exactly why you should try it out!

"Pixlr-o-matic" is the 100% free app of the day.


You take a couple of photos, download a video, receive a document from work, save electronic gig tickets, take a couple more photos, upload some music from your computer – before you know it, you have files everywhere and you don’t know where to look for anything!

Step in “Amaze File Manager”. This easy-to-use app organises your folders into multiple directories, lets you quickly access history, bookmarks and search for files, and you can easily cut, copy, delete and compress files. Work on multiple tabs on the same time, open the App Manager to organise your apps and use the navigation drawer to find your way around.

“Amaze File Manager” even has a root explorer for advanced users, and an option to share files through SMB. Don’t forget to check out the different themes, too!

Amaze File Manager

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Back in 1969, only a lucky few got to watch those images on an old CRT TV. Now the discovery of space is in the palm of your hand!

"NASA App" is an absolute classic and not to be missed. With it you can keep one eye on their screens and another on the stars!

"NASA App" is the 100% free App of the day.