Signing non-disclosure agreements at the door, confiscating cell phones, reading “scary sounding” legal announcements – sounds like a matter of national security, right? Nope! It’s actually the security measures that were put in place to keep Taylor Swift’s "Shake It Off” video under wraps!

Now with “Triller”, you can make your own music videos! “Triller” is a brilliant app in which you choose your song, and then record a couple of takes to create the perfect music video. Simply tap the screen and the app will edit the shots together to produce a seamless, high-quality music video starring you and your friends. You can mix it up with cool filters, then share it on your favourite social networks. Get ready to go viral!

Download “Triller” for free today.

Triller - Music Video Maker
Bills Reminder

A retired UK widower living on a state pension was slightly shocked to receive a belated tax bill earlier this year – for over £4.7 billion! It turns out that it was an honest mistake, but it did get me thinking about my own bills…

Never worry about them again with “Bills Reminder”. This handy app helps you manage your payments and due dates with friendly reminders and an option to mark payments as completed. It lets you organise your bills according to payment deadlines, separating them into ‘Upcoming’, ‘Overdue’, ‘Unpaid’ and ‘Paid’, as necessary. You can customise the currency and reminder time, and you can even create recurring bills!

Download “Bills Reminder” for free today.

Bills Reminder

OCR. Optical Character Recognition. A technology that enables you to scan paper documents or take photos, to then convert into editable/searchable text. Aka, a total LIFESAVER!

And “Text Fairy” is one of the best I’ve found! This app not only converts images into text, but it also corrects the viewpoint (none of that bendy page nonsense), copies extracted text into the clipboard (for use in other apps) and converts the scanned page into PDF format. Oh, and it recognises print from over 50 languages!

Download “Text Fairy” for free today.

Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)
Camera MX

Capture your most special moments in picture or video with the app of the day, and the plethora of tools it has on offer.
"Camera MX" is a comprehensive tool that will help you treat your photos and videos with the respect they deserve. Use the app's quality effects, and try out the all-new "Live Shot" function which will record the preceding few seconds of your snap in the form of a mini-animation.
Add to that a powerful media-management system, and you've got yourself a comprehensive tool to give your photos and videos a totally unique feel, and all of that for free!

Camera MX

What do you think is the most calorific food? Candy? Or what about chocolate? How about popcorn, or even meat? Well, it's none of these! Nuts such as macadamia, pecan, pine or almonds are higher in calorie content per gramme than any of these!

Watch what you eat, with "Calorie Counter". Follow the number of calories you consume at each meal, either by entering them manually, or using the highly convenient barcode scanner.

Plus, if you're on a diet or practicing sport, you can also follow the number of calories you burn and keep track of your weight using graphs! And it's 100% free!

Calorie Counter by FatSecret
Sand Draw

The puffer fish is a talented underwater artist: it designs stunningly beautiful geometric rosettes on the sand of the ocean floor as parts of the nest that will hold its eggs.

Be transformed into a sand artist with “Sand Draw” and send your messages poetically. Use your finger to write whatever you wish in the sand on the screen, and enjoy a result that nears the quality of a real photograph. Add a few shellfish and crustaceans to make it look even more real, then shake your smartphone to see a wave appear and sweep away your drawing, which you’ll replace with another
“Sand Draw” is the 100% free app of the day.

Sand Draw

Wallpaper (n). Paper, usually with printed decorative patterns in colour, for pasting and covering the walls of rooms, hallways, etc. Oh wait, no – today’s app has totally changed that definition!

“Minima Live Wallpaper” brings you a whole range of colours and shapes that tilt and shift across your homescreen. The app uses 3D parallax motion for smooth movement, and with over 35 hand-crafted themes, there’s something for everyone! You can even create your own themes and share them with other users online!

Download “Minima Live Wallpaper” for free today.

Minima Live Wallpaper